Akalya Karunanidhi | Tamil Nadu Fellow

Akalya Karunanidhi, an Engineer by profession, during her volunteering stints, while working in the IT sector stumbled upon a realization that it’s not always about excellence and it’s about making a little difference in the society. She considers herself to be a fish out of the tiny town of Chiadambaram, Tamil Nadu. Currently, she is striving to reduce her plastic consumption. Belonging to a family of avid readers, Akalya has inherited the unquenchable thirst for Tamil and English Literature. Along with reading, she also writes and maintains a blog. She is travel bug and is easily fascinated by alien theories and science fiction. She is of the strong opinion that the period fellowship will not only give her a platform to contribute in her own ways to making menstruation a non-issue but also break the shackles that keep her locked from being more.