Laxmi Adhikari | Uttar Pradesh Fellow

Born in Pokhra, Nepal, Laxmi Adhikari is a dreamer and a believer. She dreams of a better society and believes that she shall play a role in the initiation of the change. With a bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Health, Laxmi has interacted closely with community members of her country and the interaction has been her constant source of inspiration to continue to work the upliftment of the communities that she comes in contact with. Her first exposure to the realities of the plight of women was when she worked as a research assistant studying the situation of Abortion in Pokhra. Her experience has also ensured that `wherever she goes, she listens to people before she begins speaking and that has helped her develop compassion. She wishes to use the platform of the fellowship to widen her horizon and develop a stronger commitment towards a just and lasting social change.