PeriodPreneurs are high potential menstrual health entrepreneurs who share our vision of reducing gender
inequity by enabling menstruators to advocate for their needs and reclaim agency over their bodies.

Aspiring PeriodPreneurs leverage our expertise, resources and networks to

Incubate their start-up
to solve for a menstrual 
health and hygiene 
Scale the movement to
end menstrual stigma to a
new region

Introduce innovative
 solutions to the
 menstrual health

Introduce a long
term institution in
the menstrual
health ecosystem

Slide “Entrepreneurial solutions are borne out of need, to improve something in your city or community. No one knows if your idea is the ‘next big thing', but you need to try. Trust yourself & don't listen to people say you can't do it.” Maatri Disha was founded by Ritika Chettri after completing her journey as a Period Fellow of the 2018-19 cohort to encourage awareness of menstrual and sexual reproductive health knowledge and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products in Kalimpong, her hometown. Her start-up focuses on building relationships with local governance, administration, educational institutions, CSOs and other NGOs working with adolescents and teachers in Kalimpong to make menstrual and sexual reproductive health education a key component of the curriculum. Maatri Disha also works with existing Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to manufacture and sell cloth pads to encourage sustainable menstruation and economic independence. Meet the PeriodPrenuer, Ritika
 Slide "My goal is to reach a place where
men say that menstruation isn’t
just a woman's issue. I want Madat
Ghar to create those safe spaces for
men and menstruators, to get us
there." Madat Ghar was founded in 2017 by Satyam Mishra, a Period
Fellow of the 2019-20 cohort. His organisation aims to
destigmatise menstruation to improve the quality of life and
health of menstruators from low income communities across
Madhya Pradesh. Satyam and his team engage multiple
stakeholders to create safe spaces to normalise
menstruation, from men and community influencers to local
government agencies and the private sector. Meet the PeriodPrenuer, Satyam

Slide “I’ve never felt so comfortable in my period! The best part about using the cup is that I don't have to think about leakage anymore and I’ve been able to sleep really well.”
 Maya (named changed for anonymity) is a menstruating adolescent in Kalimpong, a small hill station in West Bengal. She was experiencing discomfort during menstruation and was introduced to eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products through a workshop organised by Maatri Disha, founded by Ritika a PeriodPreneur. She shared when she tried inserting the menstrual cup for the first time, it was painful and she was scared. With support and guidance, Maya soon got the hang of it.

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