Innovating evidence-based solutions to gender
inequity in marginalised communities

Period Lab

The Period Lab is a space to research and develop products, programmes, curriculum and content to address negative attitudes
and behaviours towards reproductive health to reduce long-term gender inequity in marginalised communities. The Lab is
responsible for fostering scalable innovation, such as PeriodShala, The Period Fellowship, Aarogya Saathi and PeriodPreneurs to
strengthen the menstrual and sexual reproductive health ecosystem.

The Period Lab aims to

To develop 
frameworks, principles and methodologies for
menstrual health and
hygiene (MHH) and
sexual reproductive
health (SRH) 

To research, develop
and pilot products in
experimental and
real-world scenarios
To collaborate with
development or private
agencies and service
contextual needs for
addressing MHH and
SRH issues
To offer courses,
workshops, toolkits for
innovation and
application of our
curriculum and content
To collaborate with
similar labs around the
world and drive
learning, synergy and
To offer literature and
content on real life
experiences of
menstruation in
marginalised contexts

Slide Community Resource Centre -
Bengaluru, Karnataka One-stop safe space for women, girls and people who
menstruate in marginalised communities to come
together and learn about menstrual health and
hygiene, share their challenges, attend workshops
and community building events. Slide Capacity Building Government Workers to Deliver Menstrual Health - Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh Partnership model to equip government nominated and trained community youth to conduct menstrual health and hygiene awareness sessions in collaboration with UNICEF. Slide Peer Mentoring among Adolescents Capacity building select students as ‘Peer Mentors’ who share awareness of reproductive health among peers using games and activities.

Sukhibhava Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable trust registered in Bengaluru, India.
Reg. No. MLS-4-00014-2016-18.

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