Rajalakshmi Padmanabhan | Jharkhand Fellow

Rajalakshmi Padmanabhan, extremely popular among her students, Rajalakshmi has been a teacher, a lecturer and a corporate trainer for over a decade. She believes in being a lifelong learner and it was this same curiosity that got her to also take up a course in Psychiatric Counselling to help her understand her students better. It was while she was working as a teacher that she was first exposed to the realities of the menstrual situation in the country. She continues to be saddened by the injustice that continues to be meted out to the girls and women from underprivileged communities and hence her decision to become a Period Fellow. Apart from her love for teaching and the English Language, Rajalakshmi is also an animal lover and, despite opposition from others, shares a lot of time and resources on taking care of street animals.