Ritika Chettri | Uttar Pradesh Fellow

Carrying a degree in Public Health, Ritika Chettri pursued her interest in preventive aspects of health rather than focusing on curative aspects of diseases. She has extensive experience working with communities and children thanks to her association with the Government of Sikkim. Her exposure of working with various stakeholders of a community ranging from students to teachers, to government officials has moulded her into a socially responsible person. Solid waste management, sustainability and women empowerment are areas that are close to heart. It was this motivation which led Ritika to apply for the Period Fellowship and through the fellowship, she aims to sharpen her skills and to become an empowered woman herself so that she can effectively and efficiently empower other women. On a personal front, she is keen on enhancing her communication skills and leadership qualities and eventually become a better version of the Ritika that she is today.