Samridha Sarkar | Rajasthan Fellow

Having travelled across various parts of the globe, Samridha Sarkar strongly believes that that people and culture change from region to region but social issues and grief caused due to them remain the same. The lack of education and opportunities lead to struggle and stress whereas she believes that as human beings, we deserve equality in basic amenities at least. After working for companies like and Ad Agencies, Samridha has come to a realization that what she truly wants is to work on the grassroots level. Especially when it comes to breaking the barrier of quality for women, one thing that is extremely crucial is to initiate and engage in conversation. There is no easy way to deal with The Period stigma that our society has festered for so long, she believes. Creating awareness among young girls and going to every house and starting a conversation about the restrictions our conditioning regarding periods has created for young girls is, according to her, perhaps a good beginning. Samridha loves music and can sing all day. She also enjoys meeting new people and learning from their experiences