Sarumathi | Tamil Nadu Fellow

Sarumathi is a B.E. Graduate by academic qualification and a social worker by heart, has volunteered for cleanups, Spoken English training, scribe and reader for visually challenged. Her interests swing from one extreme of being with people and having heartfelt conversations for long hours at a stretch to an extreme of just being alone watching the nature and enjoying her solitude. Her core works mainly on just two principles. One is making others happy and the other is learning. She believes in equality and freedom of choice. Involves herself in supporting LGBTQ rights. Readily jumps to grab opportunities to speak on a taboo topic like menstruation and sex. She is also an organising team member of Human Library Chennai, where difficult conversations are expected and encouraged. Through the fellowship, she hopes to make an impact in the lives of many young girls and women alike in a strong way as well as in subtlest possible ways. She writes her heart out but mostly to herself in her own little journal. She is so fond of food that her friends nicknamed her as Soru (means food in Tamil).