Shweta Yadav | Rajasthan Fellow

With a degree in Master in Physics as well as Bachelor in Education, Shweta Yadav, has scaled the many difficulties that she faced in her journey so far. What she has learnt is that most of the difficulties will vanish provided one stays true to one’s dream and gives time and dedication. Shweta has always succeeded in persuading her parents when it came to her education and chasing her dreams. She believes in the cycle of learning, exploring, and acceptance. The Period Fellowship, for Shweta, is a platform to evolve and develop critical leadership skills, hone her time and money management skills. She is particularly keen on making the best use of the diversity by learning and understanding from one another to get new ideas and ways to tackle problems. Shweta hobbies are dancing, gardening and reading mythological books. she also loves writing stories on social issues.