Sujala Vijayan | Uttar Pradesh Fellow

Coming from a very corporate background, Sujala Vijayan brings with her over 9 years of experience in administration and human resources. Her experience in various work environment has enabled her to be a good team player. She considers herself to be strongly driven by results and is a consistent performer at workplace and has a competitive spirit which complements her optimistic attitude towards life. Being a woman, she has faced her fair share of bad experiences around menstruation and she feels that while she has been privileged enough to deal with those situations, there are many who don’t have the basic means and awareness about the subject. Therefore, she wants to contribute in her own small way towards a better India, through the fellowship. Apart from her corporate experience, Sujala is also a very passionate sportsperson. She holds a National Level Gold Medal in Karate and a Silver Medal in Taekwondo.