Sushma MN | Karnataka Fellow

With extensive experience in volunteering, Sushma MN shares a vision of creating a space where there are opportunities to dialogue about social and health-related concerns. Working on her passion to be a doctor, she went on to study Ayurveda and is a certified Ayurveda practitioner. She strongly believes that it is very ignorant of us to blindly follow the practices that have been put in place by our ancestors without trying to understand the rationale for them. Up until now, she used to pen her thoughts in the form of poems and share it on the social media. However, she feels the need to be more active in her engagement and hence chose to become a Period Fellow. Sushma wants to club her passion for awareness creation and training as a doctor to create maximum impact while simultaneously learning from her experience and adding value to her life. She has certain moments when she becomes a ‘night owl’ and writes poems from midnight till early morning without dozing off in between!