The Period Fellowship aims to bring together dynamic women, men and trans persons from diverse backgrounds to create awareness on menstruation and menstrual hygiene among women and girls, and men and boys in urban and rural India, during the course of 15 months. The fellows will work to ensure that they build an enabling ecosystem in the communities to reflect upon their personal practices, while exploring concepts like hygiene, menstrual cycle, PMS and superstitions.

The objective of The Period Fellowship is to engage with the often stigmatised subject of menstruation and initiate conversations, questions and curiosity about periods. Talking about a problem is often half the battle won. We are looking to build a repository of knowledge on experiences gathered from around the country on menstruation and issues that surround it. Through this teaching-learning experience, our fellows will understand where communities stand in terms of knowledge on menstruation, simultaneously developing teaching, managerial and leadership skills during the course of the fellowship on a personal level. While this is a working fellowship, is it simultaneously a leadership program which will hone the fellows’ potential to be long term leaders for menstruation and allied social issues. Our intention is to disrupt this space and push the pace at which menstruation becomes a non-issue via this community of leaders.