Work with communities

Creating awareness among women in urban slums and rural communities

We facilitate training for community resource persons at Sukhibhava, who most often come from the communities we work in. They engage in interactive learning processes with women and adolescent girls from low-income backgrounds. These awareness sessions comprise activities and modules that empower a woman through knowledge of her body, menstrual hygiene and safety, while urging her to question myths and taboos related to menstruation and gender.

The trainers form groups of 10-15 women among these communities and facilitate four awareness sessions over a period of one month. Each session engages with an
important subject – a woman’s body, menstruation and puberty, menstrual hygiene,
products and safe disposal of these products, myths and taboos.

One-month cycle with each group of women:

Biology: Creating a safe space, Puberty, Menstrual Cycle

Managing menstruation: PMS, Products, Hygiene

Beliefs and Practices: Myths and Taboos

Having conversations and breaking the taboo