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Sukhibhava believes in completing the full circle through awareness, accessibility and affordability. While we emphasise on using sustainable products, we acknowledge that the onus of being eco-friendly should not be on women who are struggling with access to basic hygiene.

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Support us, collaborate with us, and spread the word! Be a part of Sukhibhava and help create healthier and cleaner lives for women and girls from marginalised communities.

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Your contribution will help women take one step forward towards menstrual hygiene.

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Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. Join us today to create a healthier society.

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The Sukhibhava Team

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Dilip Pattubala


Sahana Bhat


Bhuvana Balaji

Head of Training and Learning Development

Aruna Hegde

Chapter Manager

Ketan Thorat

Core Strategist

Sowmya Muniswamy

Chapter Manager

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