The Issue

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Universally, women and adolescent girls experience menstruation. Commencement of menstruation is the sign of healthy adolescence, yet it is predominantly considered shameful, indicating implicitly that it is impure, unpleasant and has to be dealt with secretively.

In India, menstruation has been shrouded in myths and taboos, directly resulting in lack of awareness and issues of accessibility and affordability.

Most times, women discover and adapt to menstruation on their own, without sufficient information on their menstrual cycle, bodily changes, reproductive health and hygienic practices. The lack of understanding and awareness among women perpetuates questionable cultural practices, resulting in psychological, physical and social ramifications. In India, (insert statistic) adolescent girls drop out of school due to menstruation.


What We Do

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Sukhibhava is a social enterprise working with marginalised women and adolescent girls, to empower them through awareness and improved access to healthy menstrual practices.

We believe that women should take ownership of their menstrual health and hygiene by understanding their body and making informed choices.

Sukhibhava has so far worked with more than 17,000 women and adolescent girls in India, thus, successfully creating awareness about menstrual hygiene and ensuring doorstep accessibility at a low cost.

We are constantly striving towards accessibility and distribution of eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products, keeping in mind sustainability and women’s

ealth. This is in collaboration with innovative organisations who have similar ethos, manufacturing bio-degradable sanitary napkins, menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads. We are of the opinion that there are people focussing on manufacturing various menstrual hygiene products,

However, we acknowledge that the burden of being eco-friendly or sustainable should not fall on women who are struggling to access basic menstrual hygiene.

For now, we integrate technology in distribution, supply, training delivery and impact measurement. The objective is to enable large-scale impact on ground.