Collaboration with Schools


In India, 300 million women do not have access to proper menstrual hygiene
practices. Most times, women discover and adapt to menstruation on their own,
without sufficient information on their menstrual cycle, bodily changes,
reproductive health and hygienic practices. As a result, more than 20 per cent
girls in this country drop out of school after hitting puberty.

Sukhibhava collaborates with schools and our facilitators conduct three
awareness sessions on menstrual health and hygiene with the adolescent girls
and other stakeholders separately, over a period of one academic year. These
sessions will be interactive and participatory while understanding what the girls
already know on the subject and ensure a mutual learning experience. It will
include information in the form of activities, visuals, and games to allow for an
easy learning experience.

Simultaneously, peer learning groups will be formed in each school to help
facilitate this process and ensure knowledge transfer to the future batches. This
learning group will comprise highly motivated and dynamic girls from the
school, who will take up the responsibility of this club and be the ambassadors
of menstrual hygiene for the school. The idea is to make this a peer learning
initiative within each residential school, while ensuring that it is self-sustainable
and is a potential student-led initiative in the future.