Working with communities


Creating awareness among women in urban slums, rural communities and
schools and addressing myths and taboos
We facilitate training for a set of women at Sukhibhava, who then become
trainers for local communities in their vicinity. They engage in interactive
learning processes with women and adolescent girls from low-income
backgrounds. These awareness sessions comprise activities and modules that
empower a woman through knowledge of her body, menstrual hygiene and
safety, while urging her to question myths and taboos related to menstruation
and gender.
The trainers form groups of women among these communities and facilitate
awareness sessions over a period of five months. This is to ensure that the
information is being delivered to limited numbers at a given point, to keep it
more focussed. Each session engages with an important subject – a woman’s
body, menstruation and puberty, menstrual hygiene, products and safe disposal
of these products, myths and taboos.

Ensuring accessibility and affordability
We, at Sukhibhava, believe that women should be able to decide for themselves
what product they want to use. This, based on their cultural norms, affordability,
comfort, ease and other suitable factors.
Sukhibhava has initiated a micro-entrepreneurial model, wherein local women
will make available for women, a range of menstrual products, at their doorstep.
The micro-entrepreneurs not only distribute products in communities we are
working with, but also go beyond these borders to make it accessible to as many
women as possible at their doorstep.

We are determined to encourage the use of sustainable menstrual hygiene
products like bio-degradable napkins, reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups.
However, it is solely a woman’s decision to buy what she wants to, depending
on her context.